Bible Fellowship Groups


Bible Fellowship Groups


A Bible Fellowship Group (BFG) is a small group community that meets every Sunday morning at 9:45am prior to our main Worship Gathering at 11:00am.

Some may call it Sunday School, but we believe Bible Fellowship Groups are much more than traditional Sunday School. BFGs are about teaching, ministering, and connecting with people in a small group setting. These small groups build relationships within the group that last beyond Sunday. There are classes for all ages, beginning with Infants all the way to Senior Adults as well as Special Needs.

To get help in finding the group that is right for you, just email or call the main office at 903-465-4886.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

What's going on in our BFGs?





Finding God

McCarthy - 1st Floor

John Waitt

Community by Andy Stanley


CLC Friendship Room

Carolyn Ramsey

The Gospel of Mark

Study by Francis Chan

July 21-September 29

This eleven-part study walks through the text of Mark’s gospel and actual locations where Jesus journeyed. For each session, there will be a video led by Francis Chan, discussion questions, goals, and things we want to walk away knowing, feeling, and doing differently as a result of the teaching. This is not just a study of Jesus’ journey, but will hopefully lead participants on their own journey of following Jesus and His twelve companions along the path of discipleship. This study will challenge you to take the same journey. The journey leads to one simple question – Will you give up everything to follow Jesus?

Married with Kids

McCarthy - 1st Floor

Shawn Cerda

A class for anyone who is willing to accept us for who we are and be real with us in our search for a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Young Women's Class

McCarthy - 1st Floor

Jeanne Smithen

Study by Louie Giglio

The Bereans

CLC Upstairs Classroom

Frank Alioto/Mike Davenport

Various topics from the Bible at the request of the class.


Main Building Leadership Classroom

Dan and Terri Barnett

Various topics from the Bible at the request of the class.