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Worship Pastor Job Description

  1. DISCIPLE: Pursue and maintain a healthy, growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. CHRISTIAN HOME: Maintain Christ-honoring relationships at home, leading from either his singleness or from his marriage, and discipling any children in the home in the way of the Lord.
  3. DISCIPLER: Fully engage in First Baptist Denison’s discipleship process, both personally and in leading and encouraging other church members to do the same. Identify a group of individuals in whom to invest and lead in the process.
  4. WORSHIP LEADER: Lead worship through music that engages the congregation in worship, teaches sound doctrine, and magnifies the greatness of God.
  5. MUSIC TEAM LEADER: Develop a worship ministry, developing/training a team of people from the congregation to improve their musical skills and to lead worship.
  6. AUDIO TEAM MEMBER: Work with the Audio Team to optimize the sound quality of the worship service, both in-house and streaming/online.
  1. CO-VOCATIONAL POSITION: The expectation is that the worship pastor will need another source of income besides the salary the church provides. This additional income source may be a full-time job, a part-time job, or supplemental contractual work. The additional work must be ethical and be conducted in a way that glorifies God and strengthens the reputation of the church in the community.
  2. SUNDAY MORNINGS: Lead worship 49 Sundays per year. (Provisions will be made for a worship leader whose primary second job is itinerant worship leading**).
  3. MUSIC TEAM: weekly meetings for practice and development.
  4. CHURCH LIFE: Belong to a BFG (Bible fellowship group) and/or develop the music team as a discipleship unit that functions as a BFG. Arrange his schedule to be present for all major outreach events, all whole-church fellowships.
  5. STAFF: Attend monthly staff fellowships. Attend weekly staff meeting as work schedule allows. When missing a staff meeting, arrange a personal meeting with the pastor weekly. Assist with pastoral care as needed.
  6. COMMUNITY: Live locally or relocate to the area within the first year, or shortly after one year of employment.

**Contact pastor for details on what this arrangement would look like.

  1. CHARACTER: Reflect godly character and set an example (Titus 1:7-9). Make his personal relationship with God his primary vocation.
  2. EXPERIENCE: At least two years leading worship preferred. At least five years of active church membership. Theological training is a plus. 
  3. SKILLS: Skilled musician and vocalist. Able to engage congregation and encourage congregational singing and worship. Able to build and maintain discipleship relationships. Knowledge of sound equipment; able to advise or lead audio team.
  4. SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Creative communication and encouragement. Demonstration of evangelism gift is a plus. Other relevant gifts: Leadership, craftsmanship, pastoral gifts, administration. 

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to pastor Steve Suffron (ssuffron@fbcdenison.org). For questions and clarifications, you may call (903) 465-4886.